Korangi Creek Cantonment Board maintains a wide network of water supply proving water for the residents of Korangi Creek Cantonment.

CBKC have maintained 04 water pumps, 03 underground water tank . There are 06 water filtration plants installed in Korangi Creek Cantt for provision of pure and hygienic water to the residents of Cantt area. All filtration plants are functional and well maintained. The cartridges are being changed on regular basis after every 03 months.

Area of Cantt Board Korangi Creek 06 SQ Miles

  • Bhittai Colony 
  • Gray River Apartment  
  • Industrial Area Korangi Creek 

Sources of Water

Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KW&SB)


Daily Demands vs Daily Supply 

Current Population (Approx)

57,745 (persons)

Water supply served through all sources

100 % of population

Water demand

30 Gallons per day per capita

Total daily demand

1.732 MGD

Daily Average Supply

0.735 MGD



 Contact Person- Water Supply Network

Mr Zareen Khan, Cantt Overseer (CO)


Mr  Rizwan Islam (Zone-1(A))


Mr Zia-ud-din Qurashi  (Zone-1(B))