Jurisdiction of Korangi Creek Cantonment Board




Bhattai Colony 


Korangi Creek Industrial Area 




Cantonment Board Korangi Creek was notified as CBKC in December,1968 vide Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Defence, Notification No.27/14/SO/6/2862/D5/68 dated 31-12-1968. At that time, its area was spread over 09 Sq Miles and in 1973, some of its area was excluded from the Cantonment limits vide Government of Pakistan, Ministry of Defence Notification SRO No.187(I)/73 dated 16-02-1973. At present it comprises of an area of 06 Sq miles. The Board has no Class-C Land for developing its infrastucture and propety. CBKC is Class-III Cantonment.

its area of jurisdiction consists of PAF Base Korangi Creek, Bhittai Colony (Residential Area), Industrial Zone, i.e Pakistan Refinery, National Industrial Park, Pak Arab Refinery & Karachi Thermal Power Station.